Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Very Late Halloween Mani: OPI Zom-body to Love with Black Shatter

Almost to the end of my backlog of 2011 manis.  This one is from Halloween.  No joke!  I never posted it because I ended up using 2 different cameras to get the pictures and never downloaded the second set.  My point and shoots are very different and the one I typically use for swatch pictures WOULD NOT take a glow in the dark picture to save my life. 

Anyway, I finally got them downloaded and posted so I could tell you about OPI's Zom-body to Love and Black Shatter combo.  I bought this well before Halloween from Aveyou.com, one of my favorite online beauty retailers.  What's funny is I really just wanted Zom-body to love.  However, on it's own, it was $15, or I could get the combo back for $15....  Of course I will take 2 polishes instead of one!  Especially because who pays $15 retail for a bottle of OPI, come on now!

Zom-body to Love is a glow in the dark polish, something I have never owned or tried before.  This particular polish is a sheer that almost reminds me of OPI's Damone Roberts 1968.  Its definitively not a color dupe by any means, but the shade is in the same family. Less grey, more milky.  It also have this really really interesting texture to it.  I guess that's from all the little phosphorescent particles in it.  I ended up using 4 coats to get a mostly opaque effect.  Opaque enough for Black Shatter on top.  If I ever wear this again on it's own, I would definitely wear something underneath it.  Maybe a white creme or OPI Hey! Get in Lime! 

So the next step was to put on Black Shatter.  This was my first creme shatter and while I liked it for this Halloween mani, I'm not crazy about the Black Shatter.  I think I may have to part with this one in the near future as it will just never get worn.  It shatters really really well though.  A lot better than the other shatter polish I have tried.  Just take a look.

OPI Zom-body to Love/Black Shatter combo over the Halloween candy!
OPI Zom-body to Love/Black Shatter combo
OPI Zom-body to Love/Black Shatter combo
Close up of  OPI Zom-body to Love/Black Shatter combo
You can see the particles I was talking about here!
So now its time for the glow in the dark.  First thing you have to do is expose the polish to light to charge up the particles and get them ready to glow.  Trying to capture this picture was SO hard :), this was the best one I got.  I was surprised with how long it glowed for.  It did dim quickly, but I felt like I could see it for a while.  I pretty much spent that night staring at my nails while trying to fall asleep.

You can still get Zom-body to Love online, but you'd be hard pressed to find it in the store right now.  Aveyou.com still has it (for their strange and ridiculous pricing).  They also have the combo, which you could potentially find discounted at your local beauty supply store.  You should still be able to find Black Shatter at Ulta and other beauty supply stores.  These OPI's should cost about $8.50 each, or around $15 in the combo pack.

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