Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Look: Lynnderella Love Potion No. 99

So I'm sitting in the airport writing this post. Courtney showed us Love Potion No. 99 by Lynnderella not that long ago and I had not intended on wearing it or showing it to you so soon. However I got a new purple polish that I had so many issues with I had to cover it up! It was such a warm purple and it apparently didn't agree with my new favorite base/top coat combo. So it refused to dry and was getting smugged and dented hours later. So what better way to cover up any issues than top is with an amazing purple, violet, fuschia and holographic glitter!!! Soooooo much better. So this is two coats of the lovely and sparkly Love Potion No. 99 over 2 coats of "mystery purple". :)

Love Potion No. 99
Love Potion No. 99
Love Potion No. 99
Love Potion No. 00
Can you stand how awesome this is? You can get Lynnderella's polished for $15 from Llarowe's website. Also can anyone guess what my mystery base polish is?


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