Friday, January 6, 2012

September Julep Maven Box

You read that right... September.  I have been getting Julep Maven boxes since I signed up and they have literally been piling up.  The only thing I have used since September from any of these kits are the cuticle oil.  I grabbed it out of my "box" and took it to Germany with us.

So this month's box is still delivered in a huge retail bag (don't worry - Julep fixes this soon).

Awful packaging :)
In September, I got Amy, a fun blue, the cuticle oil, and SPF Hand Cream.

September Box
You'll see more about Amy in a minute.  Lets start with the bad.  I do not like Julep's base hand products.  In my intro box, I got the Glycolic scrub, and while it made my hands soft, I was totally turned off by the smell.  And just like the sample of the hand lotion, this smells just the same.  Oh well!

The cuticle oil on the other hand - :)!!!!!!!!  I LOVE this stuff.  One, its super moisturizing.  Two, it smells good.  Three, it soaks in quickly.  Four, it has a freaking roller ball applicator!!  It makes it perfect for travel or putting in your purse.  I will repurchase this one-hundred times over.

Amy, Hand Cream, and Cuticle Oil
As a bonus for being one of the first Julep Maven's I got a glass file (which I admittedly have no used yet) and a mirror/lint brush.  This is a nice extra.  Maybe one day I can give up my traditional file and try a glass file.  They are supposed to be better for your nails right?

September Freebies!
So now to what we all care about - the polish!  Amy is an awesome turquoise that reminds me a lot of butter LONDON Artful Dodger.  I did a quick search and it appears they are dupes.  Check out squared nails post here.  I agree with her assessment.  It isn't as shiny and the formula isn't as good as some of my other Julep polishes.  You can tell from my pictures below I had some application issues, but I think that most of that is due to my inability to wait between coats.  Oh well.

Julep Amy
Julep Amy
Julep Amy
It's been a while since I wore Artful Dodger, but since they are both $14, I'd pick butter LONDON.  If you prefer, you can pick up Amy at


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