Sunday, January 22, 2012

Julep Maven November Box #1

Getting there with catching up on Julep Maven Boxes!  We are up to November, which was full of wins and losses for me.  So the first thing that happened is I got my email telling me what was in my Julep Maven box for November.  And this light mossy green creme, Selena, was included and SO not what I am in to.  So for the first month I request a new pull and asked for the Bombshell Box instead.  So disappointingly when I opened up my box - Boho was still staring me in the face?  What gives?!?!  FAIL! So I emailed Julep and within a few days they let me know they had some issues with the system for requesting new pulls and I would get another Box (the correct one this time) immediately and for free and that the Boho Box was mine to keep.  WIN!

So let's start with the first box I received, the wrong one.  It came with a Julep Maven bag, which is a black cloth bag with the Julep logo quilted into it (super cute - WIN), a plumping lip gloss in Extravagant (WIN for now, beautiful color), and Selena (FAIL! more on that too).  They also threw in more sample of their hand/skin care products which I'm not a fan of on scent alone (FAIL).

Julep Maven November - Boho
Julep Maven November Boho
So Extravagant...  I actually never got this on my lips, only my hand.  The color is actually gorgeous.  It's a pinky taupe neutral with soft gold shimmer.  It was really lovely and would have been great for work.  However when I got box number 2 I decided to try it's plumping lip gloss and subsequently found out I was very ALLERGIC to it.  The skin around my lips got red and huge.  It was so weird looking.  I wiped it off and about 40 minutes later my lips were back to normal.   So Extravagant never made it to wear, no more swollen red lips for me please.  I mean I know this is plumping, but plump my lips not my entire mouth region! FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julep Extravagant Plumping Lip Gloss
 So then I gave Selena a shot, knowing I would hate it and I was correct.  There are a lot of people that would go nuts for this polish.  It was a 1 coater, the formula was great, and the color is unique and interesting.  But it's just SO NOT ME!  So here she is, love her or hate her (FAIL) - Selena.
Julep Selena
Julep Selena
Julep Selena
So there is the November Box I wished not to get, and now you know why!  At least Julep sent me the correct box for free, so I'll show you that this week as well.  The Julep Maven program is $20 a month and you can sign up at!  On their own, a polish like Selena will cost you $14.


  1. I am one of those people who likes Selena, haha..I've been crying over not getting China Glaze trendsetter, and Selena looks to be kind of similar. let me know if you'd like to swap! I have some Julep I'm not crazy about..

  2. Cindy-y - I'll be putting this up on my blog sale eventually. If I can ever finish getting through my polishes.


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