Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another look: Zoya Edyta

So one of the other polished I recieved from my polish fairy-godmother was Zoya Edyta. Courtney showed us this back in April. I'm generally not a fan of Zoya polished only because their formula doesn't seem to be too compatible with my nails. It always chips, and chips early. I do have few polished I keep though because their color alone make it worth dealing with the chips. Edyta is one of these amazing colors so I am SO happy to have it. Funny, I would have never expected liking this polish's color. It's a very dark warm toned green with tons of gold shimmer. We all know I'm not into gold, and that cool tones tend to look better. Given all that I still LOVE Edyta. She is stunning an beautiful and totally reminds me of RBL Anne. They aren't dupes, but they are cousins for sure. Edyta is a one coated to boot! She's so a keeper :). Check her out.

Here are the comparisons of Edyta and Anne. Edyta is in the middle. Anne is to the left and right. Anne looks so light next to Edyta. What do you think? Cousins?

Edyta was released as part of the Wicked collection released in Fall of 2010. All of Zoya's polishes are permanent collection so this will be easy to find if you don't have it. And for $8 each they won't kill your wallet!


  1. I have the same problem with Zoya, no matter what base/top coat I put on. I always grab some when they do their sales because they have lovely colors, but within a couple of hours...chip city.

  2. It's beautiful, definetly a must have.

  3. YAY!! I'm soooooo glad you got this! I LOVE Edyta! Looks fabulous on you!!

  4. They are both beautiful and I'm actually in love with golden shimmer in it

  5. @ Bubblewrapper - glad I'm not the only one!

    @ Beauxs mom, Courtney, and MissDoll - Thanks! I love this one.


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