Sunday, January 8, 2012

October Julep Maven Box

OK, another month closer to getting caught up on my Julep Maven boxes.  October was actually a pretty awesome box.  The colors aren't revolutionary, but they are beautiful and perfect for when I need some more professional nail polish at work.  I actually did wear Malin when meeting my business unit's President (super exciting!) and just recently wore Gayle.  This month also included Glow On, a hand brightener.

I have to admit, after getting the hand lotion and scrub, I was pretty disappointed to see the hand brightener. I've really got no use for this and it's got the same weird smell.  At least I've got 2 amazing polishes to make up for it.

First up is Gayle, which I wore last week.  This is so beautiful.  I'd call it an eggplant or aubergine.  I think I'm so smitten with this because I'm considering a color like this for one of my wedding colors.  This is bright and vampy at the same time, and unlike any other purple I have.  This was two coats, but I could have easily done one.  And although my pictures show a bump on my ring finger, it was my fault not the polishes.  Gayle is a straight up creme, and she is special. 

Malin is a soft pale pink champagne with some beautiful shimmer in it.  You do get brush strokes with application (this is 2 coats), but I don't even care.  I don't have very many nudes, pale pinks, or "work appropriate colors.  So not only is this something I don't have - but I love it! It's so feminine and soft and pretty.  If you need a pale pink or nude, definitely consider picking Malin up.

These polishes are full of win!  You can pick these up on Julep's website for $14 each.  I highly recommend you check these out.


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