Monday, January 2, 2012

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Happy New Year!!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend full of fun and festivities.  Or a quiet night at home with an early bedtime, if that's more of your thing.  The hubby almost always has to work on New Year's Day, so just about every year we opt for the latter of the two options, but since the New Year decided to fall on a weekend that we were both actually OFF work, we had a few friends over for drinks and silly games.  We actually almost missed midnight, but I happened to look up at the TV from the gaming activity in time to see "4!  3!  2!  1!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"  It was close, but we made it!  :-D

Nothing says New Year's Eve like glitter, so I picked out the craziest, glitteriest glitter I could find - Tony Moly Jupiter.  This polish has SO much glitter packed into a deep purple base, it's ridonculous.  It's got small purple hexagonal glitter, and larger blue-ish/holographic-ish glitter, and from what I can tell from the photos, maybe even some smaller reddish glitter?  I don't even know.  It's crazy and awesome.  Crazy-awesome.  It's SO dense that this is only two coats I'm showing you here, and I didn't even remotely feel like I needed a third.  Application was actually pretty great for a glitter.  Definitely some of the easiest glitter I've ever worked with.  The downside?  This polish STINKS.  HOLY HELL DOES IT STINK.  It smells like a mixture of liquid whiteout and jet fuel.  Yeah, it's that bad.  I'm pretty sure I lost at least a few hundred brain cells applying this stuff.  But click to enlarge these photos and see how worth it it was!

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

AMAZING.  LOVE.  You need it!  Tony Moly is a Korean brand, so while you won't find this in any retail stores around here, it's pretty easy to get from eBay.  You can buy the whole Galaxy Collection for about $10 each and free shipping.  I piggybacked on Jessie's order to get this one, and they all arrived shockingly fast for coming overseas.  I'd highly recommend getting at least one of the collection - if you can handle the smell!  LOL

You guys get a two-for-one in this post!  I felt like I needed to change into something symbolic for New Year's Day.  A new year is a clean slate and a chance to kick my butt into gear and make things even better this year!  I thought a good nude would be appropriate, so I tried out Essie Brooch the Subject - a warm-toned opaque nude creme.  It applied super easily and super opaque in two coats.  Just what I wanted on my "recovery day," lol.  Readers that have been around for a while know that I've had a less-than-successful quest of finding my perfect nude creme.  It's so epic it gets capitalization - "Perfect Nude."  So is Brooch the Subject my Perfect Nude?

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Not quite, but I think we're getting DANGEROUSLY close.  I can't quite put my finger on what the problem with this one is, but it's just a little off.  Like maybe a smidge too dark?  Too...brown?  I don't know.  I actually don't hate this.  In some lights I even like it.  Usually the nudes I've tried go immediately into my "Get-this-disgusting-thing-out-of-my-sight" pile, but I think I'm gonna hang onto this one for a bit.  I've got a few other nudes up my sleeve to try out, but this one will certainly do for now.

You may (or may not) be wondering what my New Year's Resolution is.  I actually hate resolutions and typically don't do them, 'cause I think they're stupid, but for some reason I felt the need to make a few this year.  Weird.  So anyway, without further ado...

1)  Stop dressing like a lazy slob.  I WILL find my sense of fashion this year.  DAMNIT.
2)  Stop BEING a lazy slob.  I look mostly in shape, but I actually couldn't run from my couch to my front door without being out of breath.  I hate working out and anything involved in fitness.  Enough of that.  The hubby got me a sweet pair of running shoes for Christmas, and I got some good pants that I can even run in while it's cold.  I just want to feel healthier.
3)  (Nail polish/blog-related)  No more hanging onto awesome polishes without trying them for months/years at a time.  Seriously, I've had GOSH Holographic since last February and STILL haven't tried it.  Unacceptable.  Must stop.  I think I've been doing pretty good cranking out some of my Lynnderellas and other cool polishes lately, so I just need to keep that rolling into the new year.

So, now I gotta ask - what polish(es) did you wear for the New Year holiday?  What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions?  Let's hear 'em!  :-D


  1. Happy New Year!!! I LOVE this polish on you!

  2. LOL at your 2nd resolution ... do you have a Kinect and are you into dance games at all? No lie, I went to high school with this guy who lost a LOT of weight doing DDR and let me say that this did him some serious favors in the girl department. Also, if there is a 5k or 10k in your area that welcomes walkers & runners, do it! :)

    I don't really make resolutions but I am going to try to document my reading/film/TV again, and I'll try to be better about returning phone calls and e-mails. Hey, small steps! <3

  3. @Gotham Polish - Thank you!! Happy New Year to you!! :-)

    @Rach - No Kinect or Wii for me :-(. Our condo is super small, so we couldn't really use it even if we had one. Boooo. I secretly want to try DDR. But in a nonpublic place. There used to be an in-home version. That's what I need, lol.

    I totally hear you about returning calls/emails, though. I'm totally the same. I think that's a great resolution!

  4. ooh i love them both. i can never get enough purple sparkles. i think that nude looks really good on you!

    i was wearing Orly Galaxy Girl on NYE. I am OBSESSED with it. I feel like every angle gave me a new color facet to be obsessed with. LOL. and to think i wasn't totally sure about it when i bought it!

  5. I. LOVE. GALAXY GIRL!! I know exactly what you mean though! I totally thought it was gonna look awful on me, so I waited for-ev-er to buy it. I fell head over heels for it! Perfect NYE mani! :-)


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