About Us

Welcome, friends!

I'm Courtney, and I love nail polish!  I'm originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, but I currently live about an hour outside of DC, in Maryland.  I have a wonderful husband, who's supportive of my growing polish love, and a dog, Minnie, who's always by my side when it's manicure time!  :-)  I'm not a professional - just a girl with a hobby (ok, maybe obsession).  I created this blog to share my interest with everyone.  I hope you enjoy!


Hello Blog-o-sphere!

My name is Jessie and I'm a polish addict.  I was born and raised in the Baltimore, MD area, which is where I live now.  I joined Courtney as her blogging partner-in-crime in the Summer of 2011.  I spend my days working as a Project Manager and my nights painting my nails for fun.  I'm new to blogging, so hopefully I can do this blog justice.  Happy polishing everyone!!!

<3 - Jessie