Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Know Your Co-Blogger Loves You When...

This is so epic it deserves its own post.  Seriously.  So Jessie and I got together over the weekend.  She told me my birthday gift had come in, so we decided to make a day out of brunch at Mimi's Cafe (a huge favorite of both of ours!) and custom lip gloss-making!  The hubby even tagged along for good measure.  :-)

So we order brunch and Jessie gives me my birthday gift wrapped in the cutest monkey wrapping paper I've ever seen...

*dies* My very own Avalon and Tristam!!!  I'm literally beaming with excitement over these guys, but it doesn't stop there...

Oh, what do we have here?  Awesome Birchbox goodies?  Nay...this was something 1,000 times more epic!!!

Let's take a peeksie, shall we?

*dies a thousand deds*  O....M....G.  My words were literally "NO YOU DID NOT."  That's the entire new A-England Legends collection.  All of them.  Words escape me.

THANK YOU, JESSIE!!!!!  You're an amazing co-blogger and friend, and I'm so happy to have you as both!  :-D

(Hope you guys aren't tired of this collection yet, 'cause Jessie made me promise to wear them all in a reasonable amount of time.  I didn't waste any time, and tried my first one the next day!  Stay tuned!)


  1. OH



    I can't wait to see Order of the Garter on you!!!!

  2. awwww!! Jessie is so sweet!! Happy birthday to you! :D

  3. aw so sweet! happy birthday! :-D

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your wonderful gift :)


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