Saturday, February 25, 2012

Julep Maven December Box

So obviously I am still getting caught up on my Julep Maven boxes.  This one was really fun, but actually contained no polish to swatch for you guys.  It came with some peacock feather print nail polish stickers which I haven't tried yet, an amazing smelling pomegranate body creme and some Julep Fast Dry Topcoat.  The also threw in some nail polish glitter in a yellow iridescent in a bar shape.  I was pretty happy with this box overall!  The package was super cute too!

Julep Maven December Box - Boho Glam
Julep Maven December Box - Boho Glam
Julep Maven December Box - Boho Glam
I'll have to post a review of the nail polish strips once I get around to using them.  I have tried to top coat and like it a lot.  I use it when I use Julep polishes.  The Body Butter is pretty fantastic.  It smells amazing unlike their hand lotion/scrub/brightener combo.  I'm not into the nail glitter, but it's a cute idea.

Anyway, sorry this is a boring post!  I'm still subscribed to the Maven program and like it.  These boxes are $20 a month.  I keep thinking about dropping it, but then they send me a polish that looks interesting.  Oh well!

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  1. ooh pretty! pass that glitter onto me! LOL

    those nail stickers look awesome..i think i saw a pic on pinterest and they looked super cute!


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