Sunday, February 5, 2012

A-England Week! Morgan Le Fay

Well in all fairness, I am showing you Morgan Le Fay over Galahad.  Morgan Le Fay is a opalescent pearly top coat meant to be worn over other polishes.  She gives this silvery white sheen to the polish.  If you look closely enough in real life, you can see a small rainbow of colors reflect in the sun.  This is a really fun top coat, it would be great for spring.  I'm showing 1 coat of Morgan Le Fay over Galahad.

Pretty cool right?  I kind of wonder how close it is to Essie Pearl Perfection?  I'll have to do a comparison the next time I wear this.  Anyway, that brings my A-England Week to a close.  How did you like it?  Any other theme weeks you would like to see?

And in case you missed it this week, you can get A-England polishes direct from their website with free shipping, or from Llarowe when she has them in stock.  They go for $12 a piece.


  1. I totally need this. I was just thinking to myself the other day that I needed a polish that was like ChG White Cap, but silver. DONE! :-D

  2. This is beautiful! I love a-england polishes, especially Galahad.

  3. Love both these polishes, and Galahad was one of my surprise favourites of the collection. I too wondered if MleF was simialr to the Essie one and form seeing photo's it's near enough for me not to get it.


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