Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joe Fresh Teal

Good gracious guys, I've been such a doofus when it comes to blog posts lately.  I feel like work is sucking the life out of me lately, so I just come home, eat dinner, and then the hubby and I veg out on the couch trying to get caught up on all the shows we DVRed throughout the week.  I'm usually not a huge fan of "apology posts," but please - forgive me.  I promise I'm gonna get back into the swing of this.  I've got a lot of catching up to do!

First up, yet another polish I owe Jessie big time for snagging for me - Joe Fresh Teal.  Not the most creative of names, Joe Fresh, but alright.  "Teal" it is.  Teal is a medium-toned, well...teal, with subtle silver shimmer.  I'd say it leans more heavily on the blue side than green, but it does look greener in some lighting.  The formula was pretty good on this one, but I did find it a little hard to spread around.  I think next time I'll thin it out a bit and see if that helps.  The bigger issue was the brush.  The bottle is short and stumpy, and so is the brush.  And it's attached to the ginormous round lid, which made it a little hard to grip properly.  All very small complaints, though.  I made it work with two coats.

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Nice, right?  I really loved this color, and got several compliments on it.  But the best part is that you're looking at a $4 (almost) dupe of Rescue Beauty Lounge 360.  360 is one of Jessie's favorites, and she's been raving about it ever since I first met her, but between the $18 price tag followed by the out-of-stock status, I just never got a chance to try it for myself.  Nail board whisperings of a cheap dupe led to (of course) needing it for myself.  Joe Fresh isn't the easiest to snag here in the States, so Jessie managed to pick this up for me during her Christmas trip to New York.  wo0t!  You can check out comparison swatches of Teal and 360 here from the lovely cilucia.  Pretty darn close, huh?

Soooo, back to that whole availability thing.  If you're a Canadian girl, you can probably track down Joe Fresh polishes with ease.  Stateside, not so much.  Right now there's only five stores and they're ALL in the New York City area.  Hopefully they'll start to branch out with more stores across the U.S., but for now it'll take a little work to nail down their polishes.  On the other hand, RBL's got 360 back in stock for $18, if you love the look!  It really is lovely!  :-)


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