Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire

For Valentine's Day, I like to break out my "va-va-voom" polishes - the polishes I find drop dead sexy.  Last year I chose Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, a polish I ADORED and really need to wear again!  The hubby really liked that one, and I wasn't sure how I was going to top it for this year, until...LYNNDERELLA!

I went with Very Pretty Vampire from her Early Halloween collection.  Now you'll have to forgive me for two things.  One, that the dominant hand has returned due to the catastrophe mentioned here.  For some reason dominant hand, although being "dominant," is not very photogenic.  I don't know why.  It just won't pose right, so these photos look a little wonky.  Two, I am HORRIBLE at describing Lynnderella polishes.  They're so unique and complex that I can hardly grasp the words.  I'll just let the photos do the talking this time.  Definitely click to enlarge them to see all the complexity and beauty in that glitter!

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Le sigh.  She's beautiful, isn't she?  My photos don't even do it justice.  This is two coats over Zoya Valerie - literally the PERFECT polish to pair this with.  Thanks to the lovely cilucia for the inspiration (and amazing photos)!  The application was a breeze, even for a chunky glitter, and the outcome is just beautiful.  The hubby was definitely impressed!

Speaking of Valerie, I wanted to show you that one on its own.  I actually wore this as a fully manicure just because I had heard such great things about it.  And for good reason - it's gorgeous!  This one would make a perfect Valentine's Day manicure just on its own!

Application was great, and this is just two coats.  If you're looking for the perfect base for Very Pretty Vampire, this is IT!  You could also try Zoya Jem (since it's a VERY near dupe) if you don't own Valerie, or if Zoyas just aren't your thing, Orly Rococo-a-Go-Go is another option.

Va-va-voom, indeed!!  ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're celebrating with that special someone or rocking it on your own!  Sending love and warm wishes your way!  :-)


  1. i really need to get some of these lynderella polishes - they are AWESOME!!!


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