Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SpaRitual Sacred Ground

When SpaRitual first appeared on the nail polish blogger scene, I didn't have a real desire to try it.  People raved about the formula, but my rapidly expanding collection didn't need any other new brands to obsess over.  That is until they released Sacred Ground as part of the Fall 2011 Wilde collection.  I started seeing people post swatches of this baby and I couldn't help myself.  I just had to have it.  It was unique and beautiful, so I told myself I could do it and did a mini SpaRitual haul.

Sacred Ground really is beautiful.  It sophisticated and edgy, while still being shimmery and glittery. I've worn this a few time since this initial swatch, as both a mani and pedi.  The polish itself goes on great, this was two coats.  It's a grey polish packed with silver, gold, and lavender micro-glitter.  Maybe even a little blue.  The gold really just gives the polish this beautiful earthy vibe, bringing out some brown in the polish.  Unlike some of my other recent nail polish dislikes, I love the gold in this.  Also the silver simmer has a bit of an iridescent quality to it.  In the sunlight it sparkles a rainbow of colors.  My only small complaint about SpaRitual is the bottles.  They are super cute to look at but to hold them for a swatch picture is almost impossible for me.  I almost dropped the bottle twice trying to get my fingers lined up. Oh well. :)

SpaRitual Sacred Ground
SpaRitual Sacred Ground
Ughhh! So pretty I can't stand it.  I'm so happy I picked this up (and the other SpaRitual I will be showing you next).  Between the outstanding formula and color, I'm sold on this brand and will be trying more in the future.  I haven't even seen SpaRitual in a store, at least not around me, but they are easy to find online at stores like and for $10 a bottle.


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