Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breaking into linear holos with Nfu-Oh 61 and 65

So I was pretty nervous about ordering another new brand, plus a linear holo.  I got a notice on my google reader that Nfu-Oh 61 was available again.  I had been wanting to try the Nfu-Oh flakies for quite a while now, and the announcement that 61 was back was enough to send me to the Fabuloustreet website for some serious hauling.  I've had a few scattered holos and loved them, but I just didn't get why everyone goes crazy over the linear ones.   

So I took the plunge and got 61 and 65, as well as the aqua base.  While I was waiting for them to arrive, I got pretty nervous, because the ladies over on the MUA nail board were complainging that it was a dud.  As in it wasn't holographic.  So once it finally arrived I ripped open the box.  Here is the thing, it's not holographic in the bottle, as all, in the slightest.  But the polish sure it.  I think maybe it's not as holo as previous incarnations, but since this was my first, the bar was pretty low.

61 is a silver foil (I guess?) that becomes a rainbow explosion in the sun.  I had a really hard time photographing these.  They are way more holographic in real life.  If you've got any tips for me on how to photograph holos, leave it in the comments below.  I took these in outdoor light.  This is one coat over aqua base (which felt like it wasn't ever going to dry...)

Nfu-Oh 61
Nfu-Oh 61
So this is why I don't think I'm a linear holo girl.  Because when you are not in the sun, you get this.  And this is not cute.  Especially when the polish is lumpy and your nails are full of imperfections!
Nfu-Oh 61 in the shade - BORING
So 65 is even better.  It was more rainbow-y for me and the blue color was great.  I still had formula and aqua base formula issues.
Nfu-Oh 65
Nfu-Oh 65
Nfu-Oh 65 in the shade is a little less boring.  I think if aqua base would have totally dried first, it would have looked a lot better. The color in the shade isn't bad, but still I'm not impressed.
Nfu-Oh 65 in the shade
Overall, I was a bit disappointed with my first linear holos.  I got to admit, when I first stepped into the sun and saw my nails come alive in the sun, I was impressed.  But the amazingness of the full sun isn't enough to get me past the crappy formula and boring base color.  Not sure if I'm going to hold onto these...

Nfu-Oh can be purchased on the Fabuloustreet website for $12.50 each.  What do you think of your Nfu-Oh holos?  Got any other easy to find linear holos you think I should give a shot.


  1. I have only tried #61 and the aqua base but don't think I'd bother getting anymore. There's alot more polishes that are just as pretty or better. Good review!


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