Monday, October 24, 2011

China Glaze It's Alive!

Halloween is just around the corner!  I can't believe how fast this year's gone by, but Halloween is by far one of the best holidays, so I'm super excited!  I'm even MORE excited, because I finally get to bust out my Halloween-themed olive green polishes!  Woooo!!  I'm kicking off the last few days until Halloween with China Glaze It's Alive!

First of all, as is only appropriate...

Or, even BETTER:

I love Gene Wilder.  Anywho...on to the polish!  It's Alive (I'm going to drop the ending exclamation point now) is a mixture of large hexagonal and small round olive greenish gold glitter in a murky blue-green base.  I'm not gonna lie - the application wasn't so great with this one.  This stuff is THICK.  I'm showing you a mere two coats here, and it's ridiculously opaque.  They're certainly not skimping in the coverage department, but I think China Glaze could've thinned out the formula a bit and still gotten just as good opacity.  It's also a bit of a thirsty glitter, so expect to use at least two thick coats of top coat.  Formula issues aside, LOOK AT EET!

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

HOLY GUACAMOLE!  It's not often I'll put up with craptastic application, but It's Alive is worth every painful, gloopy coat!  It's like Swamp Thing fell into a vat of glitter, and it's BEAUTIFUL.  I LOVE it!  Hubby told me (and I quote), "Ooh, I like that one.  I REALLY like that one!  That actually might be one of my favorites."  He's got good taste, what can I say?  ;-)

It's Alive was released with this year's China Glaze Halloween collection, so if you want it, now's the time to get it!  Though if you're patient enough to wait until after Halloween, you can probably find it at heavily discounted prices.  This is easily a Top 20 polish for me, and I'm metaphorically standing on top of a mountain screaming, "YOU NEED THIS!"  Go.  Run.  Now!

I've still got one more olive green (and also Halloween!) polish left, which I'll show you two different ways, so stay tuned!


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