Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Obsession: Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise

Weird olive greeny-goldy colors aren't my only obsession this fall.  For some reason I'm on a red kick all of a sudden.  There's just something so classic glam about a fierce red nail.  I recently showed you guys another look at my "Holy Grail" red, Essie Limited Addiction, but to be honest, it's really the only red creme I have.  I just loved it so much, I never felt the need to add anymore.  Somehow, that's changed, because I've brought home four different reds over the past month in an effort to spice up my red wardrobe.  First up - Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise.

Chinoise (French for "Chinese"; Pronounced "sheen-wah" or "sheen-wahz") is a bright red creme that leans on the orange side.  Warm-toned girls, this is your red!  I've steered clear of warm-toned reds for some reason, but I have no idea why.  I think it works with my skin tone pretty well!  I've heard tales of Chinoise being a super duper pigmented "one-coater" red polish, but I didn't find that to be true for me.  I did get my bottle in a swap, so there's no telling if it was thinned at all, but I found it to be a bit on the thin side.  I'm showing two coats below, but you can definitely still see some VNL.  I think three coats would've taken care of that, but VNL doesn't bother me, so I just left it at two.  Application was a dream, and thankfully I didn't have any trouble with bleeding or staining while cleaning up.  Win!

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Me likey!!  So glad I tried this one out!  Totally the opposite of my cool-toned Limited Addiction.  The hubby also loved it, but he's a guy and guys love red, so that's not surprising, right?  LOL

Ji dedicated Chinoise to the late Diana Vreeland, a famous fashion editor, but if you read her blog and/or her Facebook posts, you'll notice she often refers to her husband as "Mr. Chinoise," which I think is really cute.  :-)

I hope I did her proud, because Chinoise definitely gets the thumbs up from me!  There are probably cheaper alternatives (one of which I'll show you later), but I can definitely say that I wouldn't feel bad about spending the $18 on this one.  The formula was standard RBL perfection, and the color is beautiful.  Chinoise is one of the five core RBL colors, but it does go out of stock from time to time.  Luckily, it just restocked at the beginning of the summer, so I think there should be plenty to go around for now.  Perfect timing for the Bring It Back pre-order this Friday!  *\o/*


  1. Gorgeous red! Your nails are awesome!

  2. I love this red. I can wear it all year long and not tired of it. PS I need 2 coats to cover VNL.

  3. i agree...nothing says classic and glam like a great RED mani/pedi daaaaahhhling! :-D


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