Thursday, October 20, 2011

OPI Glitzerland

I'm back!  Yay!!  I scheduled my posts about a week in advance, so you guys hardly even knew I was gone, but  the hubby and I took a five-day trip back to the homeland of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for his best friend's wedding.  It's always nice to take a vacation, but getting back into the swing of things afterward is difficult.  Blogging is no different.  We got back super late Monday night, but between complete exhaustion, unpacking, laundry, and work, I'm just now getting the chance to show you guys what I wore for my trip.  I wanted something lighter in color so the inevitable chipping wouldn't show up as well.  Light certainly doesn't have to mean boring, so I went with OPI Glitzerland.

Glitzerland is a pale gold foil.  It's kind of a "blonde" gold, so it's very neutral in tone, which means it's more universally flattering than most golds that lean more yellow.  For being a foil, I didn't find it to be very sparkly, which kind of surprised me, but it does give a nice shimmer.  The formula was great, but the pigmentation is a little on the thin side, so it took me three coats to reach full opacity, but the application was perfection.

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Nice, right?  Nothing too fancy, and I'm definitely not over-the-moon about it, but it's pretty and it got the job done.  It held up well to the constant battering it got on the trip, and what few chips I got concealed pretty well.  I think it's a good staple polish, and I'm planning on using it as my base color underneath OPI Spark de Triomphe.  Must conserve the pretties!!  Not sure if Glitzerland made the core collection cut, but it was released with last fall's Swiss collection, and should be pretty easy to find still.  Yay!

Now, just because I love you guys, I'm sharing with you a funny photo that we took in my hometown of Long Beach, Mississippi:

Only in the South do you get the American flag flying over Mississippi's controversial state flag, flying over the Waffle House sign (those restaurants are EVERYWHERE down there), flying over some big old confederate guns.  I promise we don't run around barefoot and eat raccoons.  Squirrels taste better.  Haha!  JUST KIDDING!  :-P  Here's a better photo for you guys:

The view just blocks from where I lived.  Ahhhh...

Hope you guys are having a great week!!  :-)


  1. This is a nice shade and very appropriate for a wedding :)


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