Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Look: Orly Royal Navy

I have been away too long!  Sorry for the long break in posting again folks.  I've had way too much going on in my life, some good, some not so good.  But things are getting back to normal, and I'm about 10 manis deep on posts.  The first up is Orly Royal Navy, which I acquired a while ago but never put it on.  Then when Courtney wore it to my house for fourth of July, I new it needed to be move up on the priority  list.  It's SO beautiful.  This is also my first Orly polish in a LONG time (like since college), so it was fun to "try" a new brand again.

Royal Navy is a bright fun royal blue jelly packed full of teal shimmer.  Courtney and other bloggers have had issues with the shimmer settling in the bottle, so I made sure to really mix it up before applying.  It went on super smooth.  I love when polishes are easy to apply!  I did notice that trying to clean up the polish was tough if I had gotten it on my skin.  It does stain a little, so make sure you use a basecoat and be careful with your application.  I've got some pretty good pics below, and a close up that really shows off the shimmer. I think the best thing about this polish, is you ALWAYS see the shimmer, not just in the sun (I'm looking at you, my beloved RBL!).
Orly Royal Navy
Orly Royal Navy
Orly Royal Navy
Close up of shimmer in Orly Royal Navy
I'm totally smitten with this one!  Royal Navy was part of the In the Navy Collection Orly put out for summer of 2010.  You can still find it in stores, and has is for $5.99.  Not bad!  If you love blue, I suggest picking this one up.

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