Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Chance Summer Mani: Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom

Now that it's officially September, I've got my last "summer mani" to show you.  It was pretty funny, I was rocking Stormy Weather when it hit me that September was right around the corner and I still hadn't worn Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bikini Bottom.  Bikini Bottom is a bit different from my other RBL's in that it's sheer.  To achieve an even sheer look, you must do two coats.  One coat alone is super streaky.  I wanted an opaque look, so this is 4.  Bikini Bottom is a beautiful soft pastel blue.  You get this great squishy texture to the polish.  This mani took forever!  I had to wait a bit longer between each coat to avoid dragging, but look at these results!!!

I love the look of this.  It pulls a little more teal and a little too bright in these pictures.  In real life it's much lighter and softer.  I've also heard layering this over Essie Marshmallow gives you a good effect.  I'll probably give that a shot soon, as I'd like to wear this again before winter rears it's ugly head.  Not that I wouldn't wear this polish year round, it's just summery, so I want to wear it in the sunshine!\

In the effort of full disclosure, I want to note that the next morning when I work up (about 8 hours after I finished this mani), I woke up to bubble and lump city.  I've had issue before with my RBL top coat and/or base coat ruining my manis.  This happened again!  I ended up redoing the whole thing the next night with some thinner added to my base coat and top coat.  And one again, I still have bubble and lumps,  but they are fewer.  Honestly, while at first i was in love with my RBL treatment system, I hate it now.  I don't know if there is some particles or stray polish, or it's just too thick, but it's ruining everything.  I'm going to give up on it for a while.  Which is a shame, cause I spent like $50 bucks on it.  WTF!

Bikini Bottom was released as part of RBL's Pre-Fall collection in 2008, it was inspired by the runway but named after SpongeBob Squarepants. It's brothers are Square Pants (see our swatches here and here) and Starfish Patrick.  It was loved so much it was brought back in the Bring-It-Back Vote and is now available again on the RBL website for $18.


  1. I love this color and would wear it all the time, I could see it in winter as like a snow bunny mani

  2. Tory - Great idea :) i never even thought of that. it would look awesome with my snowboarding jacket!


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