Friday, September 9, 2011

Essie Shelter Island

Hello my friends!  I'm back to show you what I promised, Essie Shelter Island all on its own!  I was surprised how much I loved this.  It doesn't seem all that exciting, but it's got an almost jelly texture (almost), which made me smitten over this bright blue.  In the bottle I thought it looked an awful lot like China Glaze Bahamian Escape, and a little like Barry M Bright Blue.  Boy was I wrong.  So at the end of this post you'll see a few comparison pics.

Essie Shelter Island is a beautiful bright sky blue.  It's so wonderfully happy and goes great with my skin tone (in my humble opinion).  I really do love blues and this one made me happy.  Like I mentioned before, I had to do 2 thick coats of this puppy to get an even consistency.  I think if I wore this again, I'd do three thin coats instead.  Either way, you end up with an almost jelly, shiny finish.  So lovely!

Now here is the funny part.  In the bottle, I thought Shelter Island looked a lot like Bahamian Escape. Bright Blue was close, but definitely not a dupe.  Good thing I slapped these one to compare.  Shelter Island is DEFINATELY unique in my collection.  It looks so bright and happy on it's own, but it's a lot darker when next to both Bahamian Escape and Bright Blue.  I actually was pleasantly surprised by Bahamian Escape, very light and one beautiful coat.  You can see it below on the left.  On the right side you will find Bright Blue, which wasn't as light as Bahamian Escape and definitely more neon, although it is absolutely not a neon polish. This was my first time with a Barry M polish, and while it's definitely good for the price point, I think I may swap this one away.  It needed 2 coats, and out of the 3 of these below, I like it the least.  And seriously, how many variations on sky blue do I need.

(Left to Right) China Glaze Bahamian Escape, Essie Shelter Island, Barry M Bright Blue
Outside in direct sunlight
Inside, you can really see how dark Shelter Island is compared to the others.  You can also see how Bright Blue is a smidge darker than Bahamian Escape.

(Left to Right) China Glaze Bahamian Escape, Essie Shelter Island, Barry M Bright Blue
Bad news is Shelter Island is limited edition and long gone as it came out with North Fork Collection in Spring of 2009!!!  I bought mine on a blog sale, but I did find one trusty e-tailer that had it.!  I'm pretty sure I'm pimped them before.  While you may not get a discount on the polish price, they often do have coupons and free shipping.  And you can reliably get this beauty (for $8) before it's gone forever.  Bahamian Escape on the other is pretty easy to find and several online retailers have it for $4 or less.  Barry M is a British brand not sold in the states, but you can order off their website, for about $5 bucks.

I definitely highly recommend Shelter Island if you can stand the coats, the texture of this one plus the color makes it a winner for me.  If you are looking for a one coat bright light sky blue, then also pick up Bahamian Escape.  I'd pass on Barry M Bright Blue.

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  1. Ooh, this DOES look amazing with your skin tone! What an awesome blue! And boy do I love Essie's almost jelly formula!


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