Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Illamasqua Phallic

After I showed you a polish named after an "infertile man", I thought it was finally the right time to show you a polish named after the male crotchal region.  Yeah, Illamasqua went there.  I put off trying this one far too long....here's Phallic!

It's not exactly what I would've picked when choosing colors to represent male genitalia, but Illamasqua went with a deep midnight blue with blue shimmer.  It's kind of that glass-fleck style shimmer, but it's super subtle.  Much more than these photos would suggest.  What surprised me most, though, was the formula.  Illamasqua is known for unbelievably smooth formulas and great wear, but this one was thick and globby and hard to apply.  I ended up using two blobby coats, and I had major chips within two days.  Not a good way to start off.

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

These photos are too flattering of this polish.  I wish it looked like this all the time.  The shimmer is to DIE for - like little blue stars in the night sky - but it only comes out to play in direct lighting (i.e. sunlight or when you stick your hand under a lamp, lol).  Most of the time you're looking at a deep blue creme with, like, three shimmers.  I suppose if you love deep blues or vampy colors, you may be able to overlook the lack of shimmer, but for $14 a bottle, I WANT SHIMMER, DAMNIT!

I guess that's what I get for buying a polish named after a penis.

(Compliments of www.jamesvandermemes.com)


  1. Its sucks that you had formula issues and short nail wear, BUT it looks great!

  2. lol beautiful! not gonna lie, i did a double take when i saw this post title pop up on my blogroll! LMAO

    are there any polishes named after boobs or female crotchal regions? i'm will to wager a bet that the answer is yes!

  3. Its a shame that the polish isn't good in quality because the color is simply gorgeous.

  4. @NY*NAIL*DIVA - I just wish it looked that good all the time! I think I'm just not meant to wear vampies. *Sobs*

    @Leanne - Thank you!

    @Missy - HAHA!! Hmmm...there HAS to be. Challenge accepted!!! I'm totally gonna find some.

    @Outshiner - I was shocked. Illasmasqua usually has fabulous formulas! Maybe I just got a bad bottle?

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