Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butter London West End Wonderland

Last weekend the hubby and I went to visit my parents in Richmond, Virginia.  It's a yearly tradition of going out to our favorite restaurant, The Tobacco Company for their AH-MAZE-ING blackened prime rib (yummmmmm!) and then riding around looking at tacky Christmas lights.  It's actually been WAY too long since we've been able to visit them at Christmas time, so we were long overdue, but I was super excited!

I wore this sparkly sequined golden top under a black blazer to dinner, so I thought it'd be the perfect chance to wear Butter London West End Wonderland.  It's a golden glitter made up of two different colors - your typical pale yellow old, and more sparse orange-y gold.  You can see both colors in these photos, and it's what makes it so special.  The texture is that super fine glitter (like Henley Regatta) that Butter London does so well and makes it easy to smooth over with just a couple coats of top coat.  You can definitely build this one to opacity, but it'll take you at least 3-4 coats.  I'd recommend layering it to preserve the precious! I used two coats of West End Wonderland over OPI Glitzerland.

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

I'm really no typically into gold tones, but I LOVE this!  It's a more delicate glitter look (thanks to the fine textured particles), but it still sparkles out the wazoo.  I was actually surprised at how much I loved it, and I'd even say it seriously rivals OPI Spark de Triomphe for the title of my Favorite Gold Glitter.  I was head over heels for that one, so I think that says a lot.  I think it'd be perfect for Christmas or New Year's, and it's TOTALLY worth the price for me!

And now for the name!  Apparently (forgive me UK girls, I'm still learning here!) London's West End is akin to New York City's Broadway.  Makes perfect sense that its namesake polish is a golden sparklefest!

Ironically, Richmond, Virginia also has a "West End," and it just so happens to be where my parents live.  It's certainly not anything like Broadway (though there is a Broad Street!), but it IS where I had a fantabulous lunch date with Rach from stuff i (s)watched!  FINALLY met her for the first time!  We met for honey mustard (the food is just a vehicle for the dressing) at O'Charley's, which was decided upon based off a mutual fondness for the dressing that we discovered when Rach posted her review of Barielle Aura Angora.  Check out her post, and you'll understand why!

I had a blast at lunch with Rach, and she's every bit as funny and easy-going as her blog posts.  Surprisingly we didn't talk much about nail polish, but there was much discussed over the awesomeness of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and the Jersey Shore (only on our blogs would those three shows go in the same sentence) and the equally terrible turrible Two and a Half Men.  In short, she's awesome, but we all knew that anyway, right?!  :-D  Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, 'cause we've got another stash swap coming up soon!!


  1. i love this polish.. but have never used it as a full mani need to do it :)

  2. Yayyyyyyy!!! I had a wonderful time, next time we'll need to do shopping + dinner. :) <3

    Also, in case you haven't gotten around to it:

  3. Best swatch of this polish on the web, thank you! Did not realize it had tiny orange glitters. Just ordered it... hoping it works well for my first try at a gradient manicure.


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