Friday, January 14, 2011

Butter London Henley Regatta

Can you tell I'm having fun with my Nordstrom birthday haul?  ;-)

Butter London Henley Regatta is like Zoya Charla's sister on steroids!  It's a similar blue-green glitter, but it's a much finer glitter in a clear base.  Perfect for layering!  I used one layer of Henley Regatta over one layer of Wet n Wild Black Creme (gotta love one-coaters!) for the majority of this look.  The accent nail is four coats of Henley Regatta on its own.  The fine glitter means it definitely takes at least three coats for opacity.  I probably could've stopped at three, but I just wanted ooooone more coat for vibrance!

(click to enlarge)

Is she stunning or what?!  So much more gorgeous in person.  It just doesn't translate as well in pictures.  I think I love it best over black - like little blue-green stars in the night sky!

Don't get me wrong about Charla though, they're definitely sisters and not dupes.  One day I'll actually get a nail wheel, but until then here are some scotch tape swatches.  Apologies for the horrible pictures - I couldn't believe how hard it was to capture these!  (This is actually OPI Catch Me in Your Net, but that really is a Charla dupe!)

(L) Butter London Henley Regatta - one coat; (R) OPI Catch Me in Your Net - one coat

(L) Butter London Henley Regatta - two coats; (R) OPI Catch Me in Your Net - two coats

You can see the difference between the two even at one coat.  Henley Regatta is blue and green glitter (you can see each color separately in real life) suspended in a clear base.  Catch Me in Your Net is a blue-green duochrome shimmer in a blue base.  I'd definitely say Henley Regatta is sparklier. but CMiYN is more opaque.  Definitely different enough to own both!  :-)


  1. I'm really not into different colored nails but I do love this one!

  2. Hey, to each her own. :-) It's fun to do from time to time. I actually liked it 'cause it was a fun going out look, but it also allowed me to see whether I preferred it by itself or layered.

    I see you found my little nook here. :-D


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