Friday, December 2, 2011

Catrice I'm a Star...

*Evil snickers*...just when you thought I was done with olive greens, I've got one more!  Jessie, being the AMAZING friend and co-blogger she is, decided to pick up a couple of Catrice polishes for me while she was off in Europe getting ENGAGED!  (YAY!!!)  One was Dirty Berry and the other was one I wasn't so familiar with, but the color had my name written all over it.

I'm a Star (It actually has an ellipsis at the end, like I put in the title, but I'm dropping the unnecessary punctuation for the purposes of this post, lol.) is a bronze-y golden olive green shimmer.  The color almost has an antique look to it, and it darkens around the edges, which adds some really great depth to it.  I was almost positive from looking at the bottle that the finish was going to be metallic, but it's really not at all.  The shimmer is super fine and any brush strokes disappear quickly as it dries.  The formula was incredible too.  The polish just flowed onto my nails and stayed right where I put it.  I used two coats here.

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

I knew I was going to like I'm a Star, but I honestly didn't expect to LOVE it.  You'd think I'd be sick of these colors by now, but each one is special and has its own qualities to love.  I'm a Star is the clean-cut look of the bunch, and I just found it really easy to wear.  Perfection!

I apologize to the non-European ladies, as I know Catrice is hard to come by across the pond.  The closest dupe I can think of might be China Glaze Peace on Earth, but unfortunately I don't own that one to compare.  Anyone own it?  Think it may fulfill some lemmings?

I'm a Star is my first Catrice, and I'm liking how this relationship is starting off.  I can't wait to try Dirty Berry and then get my hands on some more!  A HUGE thank you to Jessie for this one!  :-D


  1. This looks super chic on you! Glad you love it, especially the formula. Definitely one of the best drugstore polishes I've tried!

  2. I looks nice on you but probably not on me, I suggest you to try Dirty Berry because it is so great and one of my favorites

  3. I live in Ireland, we are lucky enough to have the full Catrice range here so if you are ever interested in a swap, let me know & I'd love to try some brands that we can't get here!


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