Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OPI Smitten with Mittens

Holy cow guys!  Sorry this took a million years to post!  Work's been super hectic as the year's winding down, and it's just really been kicking my butt.  I come home, eat dinner, mindlessly watch episodes of Star Trek:  The Next Generation with the hubby and get myself to bed.  I'm so just ready for this year to be over.  Bring it on, 2012!  Anyway, with Christmas literally just around the corner, I FINALLY had the opportunity to try out a super special polish that I've been hoarding for WAY too long (like, since last February...*facepalm*) - OPI Smitten with Mittens.  

It's a saturated jellyish red with flecks of gold microglitter.  It looks unbelievably amazing in the bottle, but unfortunately the gold just doesn't translate to the nail.  I guess the red jelly kind of blocks it out.  I know my photos are showing some gold flashes, but I promise you I haven't seen that for even one hot second in real life.  The application is perfect and flows as easily as I'd expect from a jelly.  The bad part is that it's super saturated, so the red can be a little hard to clean up.  I used two coats here.  Probably could've done a third for photos, but the patchiness didn't show up at all in real life.  

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Super pretty!  Perfect sparkly Christmas red.  It's gorgeous, and I'm definitely glad I found this, but with it's SUPER hard-to-find-and-highly-saught-after status, let's talk about just how worth it I think it is (totally just my own opinion).

Dustying - If you can find this at a local hair/nail salon or beauty supply (or heck, some people are even finding them at CVS!) for a decent price, I'd say definitely nab this up.

Swapping - Some people may be willing to swap this for easy-to-find stuff, but more often than not I think people want to swap hard-to-find for hard-to-find.  I definitely wouldn't swap your Essie Starry Starry Night or China Glaze OMG for this, but if you've got something of decent swap value that's just not getting the love it deserves, I'd say it may be worth exploring that option.

eBay - Prices for Smitten with Mittens right now on eBay are around $20-$25.  Sounds somewhat reasonable for a hard-to-find polish, but to be completely honest, I don't think it's worth that much.  It's beautiful and gets a ton of love from everyone (Muggles included), but for around the same price you can Merry Midnight from the same collection that I think IS worth $25, despite the fact that it has a close dupe.

So I'm a wee bit disappointed with this one, but even so, it's a very gorgeous polish.  I've gotten several compliments on it, and I'm glad I waited for the Holidays to break it out.  I can't wait for Christmas, and I've got my all-time favorite Christmas polish to show you guys next!!  :-D


  1. I love this on you!!! It took me two years to get this polish ... but it was worth it. :) If I hadn't, I would've requested it in our next swatch swap, LOL.

  2. I really love how it looks on you! But thanks for letting us know that the gold shows more in the photos than IRL. I'd like to have this one, but I'm not gonna kill myself trying to get it. ; )

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  4. I have a bottle of Smitten With Mittens! I bought it at an "older" nail salon last month. I didn't know it was "rare". I'd happily swap it. How does that work? I'm a 58-year-old grandma who paints her toes red.

    1. Miss Vicki! Do you still have this nail polish? It's my most favourite and I can't find it anywhere :(
      I wear it every year at Christmas and sometimes thru the year when I get home sick. But I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I work at a grocery store and can't wear np at work sadly.. so I've been only using at Christmas..
      If you still have it, is there any way you would sell it to me?
      I live in Canada, not sure where you are or how shipping works but I will pay for that as well..

  5. Whenever I see this beauty my heart stops ;)
    I love it but since O.P.I. polishes are so expensive in my county I will probably never own it but this one is probably my favorite from this brand and I'm always having problems to see the difference between this one and Ruby Pumps, are they similar or from different planets?

  6. I love this polish so, so much! Sadly, I discovered that fact long after it became discontinued. It is GORGEOUS! At least CG's Ruby Pumps is a decent dupe ... decent.


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