Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Borrowed: BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

Last, but most certainly not least, I have the final installment of my Something Borrowed mini-series! (You can check out Parts 1 and 2 here and here if you missed 'em!)  I mentioned to you guys that Rach and I decided to go outside our comfort zones, and pick two of each other's polishes in finishes we don't typically wear (shimmers for Rach and cremes for me).  We both took it an extra step further and threw in a third mystery polish in a more familiar territory.  So much fun I could hardly stand it!  So, what mystery polish did Rach send me?  Oh, just a little piece of awesomeness!   :-D

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan is a medium-toned dusty teal blue with aqua and silver shimmer.  In some lights it looks more blue, but in my office lighting it leans very green.  The shimmer is that kind of irregular, glass-fleck looking stuff.  So pretty!  This is the first BB Couture I've ever tried, and lemme tell you, the formula did NOT disappoint!  I should've tried this sooner!  It applied flawlessly in two coats and wore like iron.  As I write this, I've been wearing it for four days with only very minimal tip wear.  Click to enlarge these photos and check out all that gorgeous shimmer!  

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Rach, I don't know how you did it, but you knocked it outta the park!  It's like you read my mind!!  I.  LOVE.  THIS!  It is complete perfection from color to formula to shimmer to wear!  Dare I say it?  Moon Over Manhattan is everything I wanted Catherine H and Smooth Sailing to be (even though we're in a totally different color family now).  The shimmer shines through exactly how I want it to, and it's just stunning.  I'm smitten!  I'm already planning my first BB Couture purchase, and you betcha Moon Over Manhattan and Impact Driver are gonna be part of it!  You can purchase BB Couture polishes for $9.95 at

I'm sooo grateful to have had the chance to try out these polishes!  Thank you, Rach, for letting me raid your stash and find some brand new loves!!  One day you and Jessie and I will have to meet up and have a polish play date!  

If you guys haven't already visited Rach's blog, stuff i (s)watched, go check it out!  She's intelligent, funny, fantabulous, and awesome, and I absolutely love reading her posts.  Plus, I totally have a nail crush on her and envy her ability to take amazing photos with her cell phone!!  Rock on, girl!  :-D


  1. Ye gods, that is perfect on you. *births a lemming*

  2. This is gorgeous! Makes me want my first BB Couture.

  3. oh my gosh! I LOVE IT! so so so beautiful!

  4. @Noelie - Aw, thank you! It's seriously all that an a bag of chips! *enables you to buy* Muahahaha! lol

    @Pani - Thanks! I really love it!

    @KayJay - Thank you! I highly recommend this one! Perfection in a bottle!

    @Missy - Me TOO! *plots my first BB Couture haul* :-D

  5. Hey lady! I got your MUA message late last night but the phone died on me mid-reply. >_< Thanks for the heads up. :)

    This looks like it was made for you!!!! I am extra glad I threw this one in now instead of the other one I was originally planning to send along.

    *blush* I'm still figuring this new phone out, LOL. It's interesting. Oh, and I'll be wearing your other two polishes next week, for sure! :D I really hope we can do this again sometime. <3

  6. Now this is what I am talking about! This woke me up this morning, awesome color and beautiful stalkish nails! NICE!

  7. Holy Hell! This *I think* my be my favorite post of yours. Simply gorgeous. I obviously need this :). I think I need another photo taking lesson, yours still rock way more than mine. jealous....

  8. @Rach - Yay!! Absolutely! Anytime! :-D

    @NY*NAIL*DIVA - Thank you!! So glad you like it!!

    @Jessie - You TOTALLY need this! You'd love it!! And we obviously need to go in together on our If every BB Couture applies and wears like this one, I think I need to order every one they've ever made! :-) Speaking of photo-taking, I actually have found a few more tips that I'd be happy to share (though I think the culprit is your wacky-focus camera lol)! Now if stupid earthquakes and hurricanes would stop coming, maybe we could actually get together! ;-)


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