Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene Mani: Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather

Hurricane Irene! Seemed like a perfect excuse to wear Deborah Lippmann's new Stormy Weather.  This polish is HOT.   Seriously.  It is so chic!  It's not super original, by any means.  There are probably 100 dupes of this color, but man, I love this one.  I bought it off a blog sale and I'm so happy I did.  I don't have any charcoals or dark greys, and this one is just perfect.  Not only did the name suit Hurricane Irene, but the deep charcoal color just evokes a bad storm you don't want to be out in.  Hurricane Irene was not a storm you wanted to be out in.  And while we fared pretty well, some areas were not so lucky...

Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather
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Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather
This polish went on beautifully in one coat, a true creme.  I did a second coat for consistency, but I really didn't need it.  Obviously these swatches were done the day after.  I had fully intended on doing my mani Saturday night before the storm his to get a great shot of it in the storm, but the power went out too early and we are in such a wooded area we don't get a lot of sun.  Oh, and there was a ton of pre-hurricane clouds.  So I took these Sunday afternoon.  It was nice and bright then.  It actually made me think - hey I should totally top this with Deborah Lippmann's Some Enchanted Evening (it looks amazing over dark cremes)!  So you'll see that at the bottom of the post.

But first, let's take a look at Stormy Weather in front of all the "destruction" it caused outside of our house.
Stormy Weather

As you can see, just a ton of leaves and twigs and small branches everywhere.  But we were lucky.  We also only lost power for 24 hours.  Which was good, cause unlike ALL our neighbors, we do not have a generator.  Some people in our neighborhood weren't so lucky.  Here are a few shots of "Stormy Weather"'s rath.
Downed tree, hanging from power lines
We stupidly drove under this, twice...
BGE to the rescue!!!!!
Huge tree that had fallen, most of it had been cut up already
And since you are all really here for the polish, as promised, Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening over Stormy Weather.  LOVE! What a fashionable way to spice up this charcoal grey creme!!!  Some Enchanted Evening is a clear base with mutli-sized and shaped pink glitter.  This is one coat. It also looks awesome over a deep navy (I love it over RBL Dead Calm).
Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening over Stormy Weather
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Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening over Stormy Weather
Deborah Lippmann polishes are available at Nordstrom and Deborah Lippmann's site, or other online retailers like BeautyBar.com and Zappos.com. Stormy Weather retails for $16 and is a new Fall 2011 color. Some Enchanted Evening retails for $18 and was originally released in the All That Jazz trio for Nordstrom in 2010, but is now individually. Would I pay full price for either of these? No. Do I love them? Yes. Would I recommend buying these one sale (or from blog sales like I did)? Absolutely.


  1. hahaha i love this post! hilarious! such a great choice b/c of the weather! LOL.

    i love both polishes so much! gorgeous :)


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