Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Awards! And a Little Bit About Us...

We're a little behind on this (Forgive us - we're still new at this!), but some really fabulous bloggers tagged us for some awards, so we wanted to  say the biggest THANK YOU!!  We're still a baby blog, but we appreciate all the love from everyone!

AccroPolish tagged us for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

This award comes with 10 fun facts about us:

1.  Courtney - I'm a huge sci-fi nerd.  Live long and prosper!
     Jessie - I played the tuba and sousaphone in high school and college.
2.  Courtney - I have three tattoos, and I'm planning on a fourth (and maybe fifth).
     Jessie - I stood behind Danny Masterson in line at the Catacombs in Paris, France.
3.  Courtney - I live in Maryland, but I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
     Jessie - I've lived in the Greater Baltimore/Washington area my entire life but never been to Canada.
4.  Courtney - Because of #3, I'm a New Orleans Saints fan!  WHO DAT!  ;-)
     Jessie - I'm a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan, but I never call/text to vote.
5.  Courtney - I have an unnatural obsession with Chipotle.  Mmmmm...
     Jessie - I've had my car destroyed my a tornado; I was not it.
6.  Courtney - If I could meet anyone, living or dead, it would be Carl Sagan.
     Jessie - I'm a horrible speller.
7.  Courtney - I've never been out of the U.S.  :-(  (But I'd LOVE to!!)
     Jessie - My dog, 2 cats and I just moved in with my amazingly patient boyfriend.
8.  Courtney - When I was a kid, I did Shotokan Karate.  I received my black belt when I was 12.
     Jessie -  When I was in middle school, I did Tae Kwon Do and recieved my black belt in 8th grade.
9.  Courtney - I'm the biggest klutz on the planet.
     Jessie - I LOVE pilates!!!
10.  Courtney - I could go my entire life without eating ice cream again, but I loooove CAKE!
       Jessie - If I could have Pinkberry (or equivalant) everyday I would.  I once did 30 continuous days of yogurt at Baltimore's Mr.Yogato (a Pinkberry like place) to get a flavor named after me!

And Liquid Jelly tagged us for a string of awards:

There were several questionnaires that go with these, so we just picked one (hope that's ok!):

1.  Favorite color:
Courtney - Purple
Jessie - Depends on what the color is used for... :) so I'll go with pink.
2. Favorite animal:
Courtney - Baby ducks!  I'd probably just melt if I ever got to hold one!
Jessie - River otters.
3.  Favorite number:
Courtney - 72.  No particular reason.
Jessie - 17
4.  What perfume am I using right now?
Courtney - L'Occitane Thé Bergamote.  Earl Grey Perfume?!  Yes, please!
Jessie - DKNY Pure
5.  Something you always wear with you and identifies you:
Courtney - My wedding rings.  :-)
Jessie - Nail polish :) haha
6.  What's your passion:
Courtney - Autism research and treatment.  I used to work with those kiddos.  They taught me more.  :-)
Jessie - Food!  I think I should've been a food critic or chef or something.  :)
7.  Getting or giving presents?
Courtney - Both!  I love receiving gifts, but at Christmas, I don't get truly excited unless I feel confident about the gifts I'm giving.
Jessie - Giving.
8.  What was the last eye shadow you used?
Courtney - Milani Antique Gold.  I love how it looks gold and green in different lighting.
Jessie -  MAC Satin Taupe and MAC Prance.
9.  Favorite day of the week:
Courtney - Saturday
Jessie - Saturday
10.  Are your nails painted right now?
Courtney - Of course!
Jessie - Yup!

Aaaaand lastly, the best part - we get to tag some of our favorite blogs to receive these awards too!  They're all awesome, and deserve it!  :-)

Great work, ladies!! 


  1. courtney - we have to bond over sci fi! lol

    jessie - i love that your favorite animal is river otters!!! LOL

  2. what's your favorite hairy food? mine is peaches LOL

  3. YES!! Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica...where should we start?! LOL

    *stomps feet* Mannnnn you took the only hairy food!

  4. KIWI! How could I forget about KIWI?! That's totally my favorite hairy food!!


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