Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Minus the Peanut Butter and) Jelly Sandwich!

Lately the big buzz on the MUA Nail Board (besides Orly Fowl Play, of course) is the jelly sandwich - lovingly dubbed the "jelly sammich."  If you're new to the concept, as I was, the idea is to sandwich a chunky glitter in between layers of a jelly finish polish.  It softens the look of the glitter and make it look suspended in the jelly.  A layer of shimmer or glitter on top is extra - just like condiments!  I hope you're hungry, 'cause this one's delicious!  ;-)

First of all, I have ZERO creativity when it comes to layering ideas, so this one is just one of the popular layering combinations.  For this one you'll need the following polishes:

-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizzazz
-Sinful Colors Hottie (dupey to OPI Last Friday Night)
-Pure Ice Rio (I've also seen this combo with Clarins 230 or Pure Ice Heartbreaker, and they all look amazing!  Rio was all I had...)

First let's start with Purple Pizzazz - an amazing bright purple jelly with red/purpleish irregular shimmer.  The application was unbelievably amazing!  I used two coats, and while there's definitely VNL in real life, it's not nearly as noticeable as these pictures would have you believe.  Ott-Lites are like x-ray vision for nail polish.  :-)  

DISCLAIMER:  I apologize profusely for the fact that these photos are completely and totally unbelievably color inaccurate.  *sobs*  I dreaded posting these just for that fact.  I tried desperately to adjust them with my photo editor, but I just couldn't get it right.  Purple Pizzazz looks completely blue in these photos, but it's not even remotely blue in real life.  Definitely more of a red-leaning purple.  Bright, but still has depth.

These photos are under my Ott-Lite:
(click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

 I snapped this one in my bathroom for a change of lighting.  This is MUCH closer to actual color, but it's still off.  I'm sorry!

In one word, Purple Pizzazz is AMAZING.  Even if you have no desire to use it in a jelly sandwich, you NEED it!  It's stunning.  Mesmerizing!  Unfortunately I think it's discontinued.  You can definitely still find it in your local drugstores, but be prepared to hunt for it.  I went to about six different stores before I found it, and then I found three.  Feast or famine, right?

So then, I added one layer of Sinful Hottie, one more layer of Purple Pizzazz, and one layer of Pure Ice Rio (this layer is just to add some extra shimmer - you can stop at the second layer of jelly if you want).  Here's the magical result!  (Again, this is definitely purple in real life.  Stupid lack of camera skillz...makes me haz a sad.)  Definitely click to enlarge to see all the goodies going on here!

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Another attempt at color accuracy.  It's definitely close.  This also shows the complexity of the layering.  It almost looks like a flakie in real life!

I was unbelievably happy with this!  It looked sooooo awesome!  Glittery and sparkly and squishy!  I'm really loving seeing everyone's combinations on the Nail Board, and can't wait to show you guys more!  I've got a few more combos up my sleeves.  :-)

Have you guys tried a jelly sandwich?  Any recommendations for ones that I should try??


  1. LOVE! I totally need me some purple pizzazz!!!

  2. Sinful Colors' Let's Talk does the exact same thing! Drove me nuts trying to get decent pictures!!


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