Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butter London Victoriana

Exciting things are around the corner!  I'm so excited I could just explode!  I of course can't give them away just yet, but one of them might just be a review of the entire OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, plus Silver Shatter (yay!!).  As I only have part of the collection in currently, I've been wearing the ones I have so far, but I want to wait until the rest come in to do a full post for you guys (The previous sentence should be read as follows:  I pre-ordered the entire PotC collection from a wholesaler two months ago, but I'm too impatient to wait on them, so I picked up three of them at Ulta on Mother's Day.  Don't judge me, lol).  Therefore, I'll be digging into the archives - photos I've had for a while but just haven't put to good use yet - for the next couple of posts.  For starters I have Butter London Victoriana!

Victoriana is a medium-toned dusty blue creme packed with silver shimmer.  It's not the sparkly kind of shimmer, but the kind that just adds depth and texture.  Even though I feel like I had to dip my brush back in more often than with other polishes, application was super smooth - as I've come to expect from Butter London.  And surprise, surprise!  This one's almost a one-coater (but of course what I have below is two)!  I don't know how Butter London does it, but their polishes are always SO pigmented.  Click to enlarge these photos to get a better look at the finish on this one.

(click to enlarge)

Ahhhh, so beautiful!  It reminds me of heavy victorian fabric (fitting for the name, no?), but the overall look of this polish isn't heavy at all.  It was released with the Fall 2010 collection - you've heard me sing its praises time and time again - but it works just as well as a spring or summer color.  It's hard to tell in photos, but the base color is actually kind of green-leaning.  It's not a baby or pale blue (like China Glaze Sea Spray).  I have nothing like it!  Sophisticated, unique, and eye-catching.  My kinda polish!  :-)

I think I'm finally beginning to understand what core polishes are for Butter London after a recent trip to Ulta.  Seems like the stuff in the regular racks is core, while the ones on the separate display are seasonal.  My Ulta still had the Fall 2010 collection out as the seasonal one.  Shrugs.  Victoriana's not in the regular rack, so I'm thinking this may be limited edition, but either way it's very easy to find right now.  It's still in stock at for the standard $14.  Worth every penny!  If you're a blue lover (and even if you're not), definitely check out Victoriana!  She is a stunner!


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