Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Celebration with Butter London No More Waity Katie!

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess - pretty dresses, jewels, a sparkly tiara, and of course Prince Charming (or Prince William)!  For Kate Middleton, that dream came true today, and from tiara to toe she looked absolutely beautiful.  The wedding was amazing, and even as an American I got all warm and fuzzy inside watching it.  What a truly happy day for her and her Prince!  I'm very happy to have been sucked into watching it at 5:30 this morning.  :-)

Shortly after William and Kate announced their engagement, our friends over at Butter London went to work to create a polish to commemorate the occasion - (And you KNOW I had to have it!!) soft lavender glitter suspended in a sheer dusty purple base named No More Waity Katie.  Wondering where the name came from?  Probably not if you live in the UK.  But for us folks across the pond, Kate was given the nickname "Waity Katie" by the British tabloids after waiting so long for a proposal from Prince William.  With that stunning ring on her finger, No More Waity Katie was born!

Worn alone, No More Waity Katie is pretty sheer, so it'll take you three coats to build up opacity.  I decided I wasn't loving the sheer look, and I wanted to punch up the base color a bit, so I opted for a layered look instead.  What you see here is one coat of No More Waity Katie over one coat of Butter London Marrow.  I've heard horror stories in the polish community of how thick No More Waity Katie is and how much of a pain it can be to apply.  Just doing one layer, I didn't have any application problems whatsoever, but it does fall on the thick side.  You may want to thin this out a bit if you're going to wear it alone.

I really love this look.  It's different from any other glitter I've ever worn in that it's not sparkly.  But somehow it's still pretty!  It's really more of a delicate look.  I think this layering combo has a symbiotic relationship.  Marrow adds such depth to the base color, while No More Waity Katie adds visual interest to Marrow.  Perhaps you could say these two polishes are a perfect MARRIAGE!  (Sorry, I had to go there.  LOL)  I actually did this over a two-day old Marrow manicure, and it was perfect for a mid-week manicure "spice up."  It's not my favorite glitter ever, and I certainly think they could have come up with something better for a Kate Middleton tribute polish, but for some reason I really love it.  Maybe it's the polish collector in me, or maybe it's the princess.  Either way this polish is a keeper for me!

Typically I'd throw in a picture or two of Marrow by itself, but I loved it so much I want to do a full post on it for you guys, so stay tuned for that.  :-)

The good news is that No More Waity Katie is available at right now (with a May ship date), so definitely get it now while you can!  The bad news is that it's not available for UK customers.  I really don't get that.  Makes no sense at all to me.  Do they think that since you UK ladies get the actual princess that you shouldn't get the polish??  So stupid.  I guess options for you ladies would be to check swap lists and eBay.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Friday (and HOLIDAY for you folks in the UK!) - and just remember, ladies:  One day your prince WILL come!  Or maybe he already did!  :-D


  1. Oh I like that you layered it, it looks great over Marrow.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really glad this was one of those layering combos that actually came out nicely! :-)


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