Monday, April 25, 2011

OPI Damone Roberts 1968

Buyer's remorse - buying something you thought you really wanted only to find out you don't really love it so much.  I'm sure we've all experienced it.  But have you been lucky enough to experience what I like to call reverse buyer's remorse (perhaps there's a better term for this, but that's what I'm calling it lol)?  It's that super special feeling where you regret NOT buying something when you had the chance to.  It kinda tears at your insides and festers there until your existence pretty much hinges on finding a way to get your hands on it.  Yeah, happens to me all the time.  But my first true experience of reverse buyer's remorse was brought on by OPI Damone Roberts 1968.

I missed the original release of Damone back in 2009 (I just hadn't discovered polish blogs yet!), so when Michelle at All Lacquered Up posted this piece last spring declaring that Damone Roberts 1968 was back, and that you should snag a bottle now while you still could - what did I do?  I passed.  I PASSED ON DAMONE ROBERTS 1968!  At the time I thought I'd never wear a mint green, and it was too much trouble (and money) to order from the Damone Roberts salon to get it.  Six months later my festering ball of regret was born.  Sigh.

I was about thisclose to caving in to the $25-$30 listings on eBay, when I had the blessing of receiving an RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) mini bottle of Damone from a lovely lady named Marlene, decanted from her own bottle.  As soon as it arrived and I saw it in real life, I knew I'd need a full bottle. I tried one last time for a swap on MUA from a girl in my area.  Thankfully, she agreed, and we met up for an in-person swap and dusty hunting day.  We had a blast, my longtime lemming was fulfilled, and now she and I are great friends in real life!  YAY!!

So, on to the polish!  First, the name.  You may be wondering who the heck Damone Roberts is.  He's this guy - a makeup artist known for his transformative work on eyebrows.  I saw him for the first time on that show 10 Years Younger on TLC.  You probably recognize him now, right?  I haven't found an exact reasoning on the "1968" part, but I assume that to be Damone's birth year?  Maybe?  Anywho, Damone collaborated with OPI to create a polish that reflected the same mint green color of his New York salon walls.  You can see from his website that all of his products bear that same mint color.  It's a dusty mint - not your typical vibrant mint green.  It has more yellow and brown undertones.  As a pastel, I almost expected it to be streaky, but application was smooth and opaque in two coats!  I wore this as my Easter manicure.  :-)

(click to enlarge)
Note:  I SWEAR this does not give my lobster hands in real life.  Cameras just tend to do that with these types of colors.

Isn't he dreamy??  I just love how muted of a mint it is!  It's slightly more vibrant in real life, but color-wise I think the photos are pretty close.  I know there are a ton of other options for mint greens out there, but this is a unique color for me, as I have nothing like it in my stash!  Comparisons of Damone to other mints show it as slightly more yellow in comparison to some other options, so I do think this is unique even in the world of mint greens.

Unfortunately, Damone Roberts 1968 was super ultra ridiculously limited edition, so unless you want to pay out the wahzoo on eBay (current listing is going for $34.99), you may want to try to nab this in a swap or blog sale (though prices will be higher than retail here too).  From what I can tell from photos Illamasqua Milf may be similar enough to satisfy your lemming.  You could also try OPI Hey! Get in Lime!  It's also discontinued (Damn it, OPI!), but you may be able to find it for a lower price than Damone.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  :-D


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