Friday, April 8, 2011

Orly Out of This World

If I had to pick the most epic collection from last year, Orly's Cosmic FX would without a doubt be it.  Full of six unbelievable duochrome polishes, it was like Orly bottled up a little bit of magic in each one.  Yes, magic!  Being a complete nerd, they sold me on their space-themed names and futuristic looks, so I managed to pick up the entire collection over the last six months or so between getting the actual Orly polishes and then some of their dupes.  Just for the record, I have:

Orly:  Space Cadet
         Galaxy Girl
         Out of This World. 
Dupes:  Sally Hansen Laser (dupe of Lunar Eclipse)
            China Glaze Zombie Zest (almost dupe of It's Not Rocket Science)
            OPI Catch Me in Your Net (dupe of Halley's Comet).

I'm sure I'll end up showing you every single polish from the collection, but today I have for you the lovely Out of This World.  (You can find the entire collection and amazing swatches here from Michelle at All Lacquered Up.)

Out of This World is a deep blackened purple with brighter, more red-toned purple and gold duochrome shimmer.  It's almost a foil finish, but I'd still file this one away as a shimmer.  Application was a breeze in two coats.  I'd say in terms of color, it's slightly more red-toned in real life than in these pictures (stupid purples always photograph more blue - whyyyy?!), but these are pretty darn close!

(click to enlarge)

I just love this color!  It's got such depth!  Unfortunately, it's probably one of the least duochrome polishes in the collection.  You can see that gold flash around the curve of the bottle, above the Orly "O", but it just doesn't translate to the nail very well.  Ah, the duochrome won't catch your eye from across the room, but I promise you that gorgeous, mysterious color will!

The Cosmic FX collection was released in fall of last year, which means it's pretty much gone by now.  You may find a few spare bottles at your local Sally's or Ulta.  The good news is that this collection was so awesome it was duped by pretty much every company out there.  If you love Out of This World, but can't track it down, go for Zoya Julieanne instead.  You can get it for $8 at

Out of This World and Julieanne are reminiscient of Zoya Mimi from their summer 2010 Sparkle collection, so I did a quick comparison of the two for you.  What you see below is one coat of each, and this is where you see the major difference between the two (as usual, these two are both more red-toned in real life). 
(L) Orly Out of This World - one coat, (R) Zoya Mimi - one coat

Mimi is much more sheer than Out of This World (I can't speak to the opacity of Julieanne, as I don't own that one), and also a brighter, more vibrant purple.  Below is both of them at complete opacity.  Sorry for the strange background - it's my hand!  I had to put it behind the nail wheel, because my camera just wouldn't focus otherwise!
(L) Orly Out of This World - two coats, (R) Zoya Mimi - three coats

Yup, Mimi's a three-coater!  She also isn't even remotely duochrome, but she is stunning!  I wore Mimi as a pedicure a few weeks ago, and just loved how sparkly my toes were!  Out of This World/Julieanne is like Mimi's sultry and refined older sister.  Perfect for a night out or to say "Come hither..." with your nails.  ;-)

Verdict?  I absolutely adore both of these and think they're definitely different enough to own both.  I think it just depends on what kind of look you're going for!

Hope you all are having a happy Friday!  :-D


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