Monday, March 7, 2011

OPI Merry Midnight

It's not a very well-hidden fact that the hubby and I hate grocery shopping.  Like, hate it.  I just really couldn't think of much of a bigger waste of our time.  It takes like two hours and then we have to haul everything up three flights of stairs and then still cook it?!  And we also have this awful habit of either going when we're hungry, and therefore wanting to buy everything in sight (We totally need this oversized bag of Reese's peanut butter cups, right honey?) or going right after we stuff ourselves and then buy pretty much nothing (Food?  We need that stuff?).  It's just always a total nuisance, so we try to only go about once a month.  About two weeks ago the pantry was starting to look a little bare.  Off to Walmart...grumble...grumble...

So, our Walmart is one of those super Walmarts with a nail salon in it.  I've always kind of peeked in to see what they're selling - usually the current OPI collection.  For some reason, in the checkout line after our monthly shopping excursion, something happened to catch my eye from inside the nail salon.  I made hubby take care of all that payment business while I went to check it out.  Turns out it was just the jellies from the OPI Texas collection in a strange unmarked white cardboard display, but once I was in the door, I realized they had a huge shelf of polishes tucked away in the corner that looked awfully promising.  Just a few minutes of poking around and what did I find??

HOLY GUACAMOLE!  It's OPI Merry Midnight and a holographic My Private Jet!  Don't get too excited, it's not THE holographic My Private Jet that everyone will claw your eyes out for and/or sell it to you for $75 on eBay.  But it's definitely more holo than the current version.  Check it:

Awesome, right?  It's only about half full, but they sold it to me for $3!  Merry Midnight is almost completely full and was only $5 - SCORE!

This weekend I decided to test drive Merry Midnight, as it's a fan favorite on MUA.  It's definitely unique - opalescent flakes with blue and red shimmer, suspended in a berry colored jelly base.  It applies really nicely too.  Smooth formula and two coats!  I never thought I'd be drawn to a polish like this, but!  I apologize for attaching so many pictures, but I couldn't pick just two!  Click to enlarge to see all the fun going on in this polish!

How awesome is this???  It's just so visually intriguing!  I haven't stopped staring at my nails since I put it on four days ago!  The only part about this that makes me sad is that it was released with OPI's 2009 Holiday Wishes collection, which means it's pretty hard to find now.  I hate that about those limited edition collections.  It's still available on eBay but you'll pay a higher price for it, so you may be better off trying your local nail salons that might still have a bottle laying around from last year.  It's so worth it, and the hunt is definitely part of the fun!

Hmmm...on second thought, there's another part about this polish that makes me sad - taking it off!  ;-)


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