Thursday, March 31, 2011

Butter London British Racing Green

St. Patty's day is long over, but I still have pretties to show for it!  To celebrate the holiday, Butter London ran a fab promo where if you bought $24 (I think) worth of stuff, they'd throw in a free British Racing Green polish.  Since British Racing Green had been on my wish list for a while, and $24 was easily covered by buying two other polishes, I was sold!  (I picked up Marrow and No More Waity Katie, so stay tuned for those!)

British Racing Green is a deep shimmery blue-leaning green.  The shimmer is pretty fine, but it's definitely noticeable.  It's almost a one-coater (This seems to be the standard for Butter Londons...awesome!), but of course I did two!  Application was good.  My only complaint was similar to when I reviewed All Hail the Queen - I felt like I needed to keep dipping my brush back in the bottle for more polish.  I just decided to get a huge blob on the brush at one time, and that made things much easier.  :-)

(click to enlarge)

I'm sad to say that after all that time it spent on my wish list, I'm a little disappointed in British Racing Green.  I mean, it's nice, but nothing to write home about really.  I like it, but I don't love it.  I did get a lot of compliments on it, though!  I think maybe I'm just not really a green girl (blasphemy, I know!).  Shrugs.

As soon as I applied it, I had a small panic attack.  I totally thought it was going to be dupey to China Glaze Jolly Holly.  It also reminded me of Orly Enchanted Forest, so I grabbed my nail wheel and swatched away.

(L) to (R):  Orly Enchanted Forest, Butter London British Racing Green, China Glaze Jolly Holly

Sigh of relief.  Definitely not a Jolly Holly dupe!  Jolly Holly is MUCH brighter and more warm-toned.  But look how close the base color of British Racing Green is to Enchanted Forest!  It's kind of like a shimmery version of it!  With better application!  ;-)  If you're a fan of  Enchanted Forest, I think it's definitely worth checking out British Racing Green.  (By the way, that's China Glaze White Cap over British Racing Green on the far right.  FAIL.  So glad I tried it on my nail wheel first!)

British Racing Green is part of Butter London's core line, and you can find it at,, and at some Ulta stores.  It's $14 a bottle, so if you have your "Holy Grail" deep green, you can probably give this one a pass.  But if you're looking for an Enchanted Forest with just a little something extra, it's a winner!


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