Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OPI Let Me Entertain You

Did somebody say it was time for MOAR PINK?!  :-D

I was totally feeling a sparkly pink for this weekend's manicure, so I grabbed a favorite of mine - OPI Let Me Entertain You.  It's a berry pink jelly (jellay!!!) with super sparkly red-fuschia duochrome shimmer.  The overall effect is really more of a glass-flecked look.  My photos don't pick up on the duochrome very well, but it's totally there.  The shimmer is fuschia pink in direct light, and much more red in indirect light.  The application is amazing!  I used two coats, and it glided on like buttah!

Um.  What the FRACK (Another nerdy reference.  That's one's Battlestar Galactica.)?!  I swear that streaky patchiness was NOT visible AT ALL in real life.  Two coats was complete and utter perfection for me, but these photos make it look like I was drunk while applying it!  I don't know why, but I'll still post the rest of them...lol

Bleh!  I didn't even discover that streaky mess until I loaded the pictures on my computer the next day.  I immediately ran outside to see if sunlight pictures would help.  Voila!

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Ahhh....MUCH better!  Still some slight VNL (it is a jelly after all), but again - this polish is sooooo sparkly that it's not noticeable at all in real life.  I wish I had gotten better pictures.  Let Me Entertain You is one of my favorite polishes EVER!  Makes one fantabulous pedicure too!

Bad news and good news.  Bad news:  Let Me Entertain you was released with OPI's Burlesque collection from this past holiday season, which means it was super limited edition (Although you may find a stray here or there at your local Ulta or the like.)  Good news!  Zoya bails us out yet again with a dupe called Alegra.  I don't have it to compare, but they look dead on to me!  With Zoya's never-ending stock, you can pick up Alegra any time!  (Sometime before July 24th would be a good time, since you get a free 8-oz. Zoya Remove + Big Flipper with any order!)  YAY!

I decided to spice things up with a little Black Shatter after a few days...

 (click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Black Shatter was made for sparkly pinks!  It's the perfect amount of contrast between color and texture.  Love it!  If you don't already have Black Shatter, I totally recommend it!

Hope you guys had a great start to your week!  :-D


  1. maybe I missed this somewhere in the post, but is the color closer to the indoor or outdoor/sun pics? I think it looks just gorgeous indoors :)

  2. @Courteney - Great question! Sorry for my rambling post! The color is much closer to the indoor pics, and about 1,000x sparklier! It's sooo gorgeous! I just liked that the sunlight pictures were more true to the application. :-)

  3. geeze...lay off the booze!

    lol jk! pretty. it's definitely fun with the black shatter too! :)


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