Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

Jessie and I must really be on an RBL kick lately, 'cause she and I both are just blazing through them!  I'm keeping the party going with Orbis Non Sufficit.

I had my eye on Orbis for quite some time, but never pulled the trigger (so typical for me, right?).  Of course within a few months it sold out - never to be seen again.  The lemming monster hit me hard, and yet again I found myself pining after a polish I couldn't have.  I was lucky enough to be given a decant of Orbis, along with decants of RBL Scrange, OPI Sapphire in the Snow, and OPI Damone Roberts 1968, from an incredibly generous lady on MUA named Marlene.  It wasn't a swap, but an RAOK (Random Act of Kindness), in which she sent these samples to me out of the kindness of her heart, not asking for anything in return.  It's one of the nicest things someone's ever done for me, and Marlene - if you're reading this - I can't thank you enough!  MUAH!

Orbis is a medium-deep dusty green creme that falls somewhere between olive and forest green.  I can't speak too much on the application, because this was given to me in a small mini bottle with a different brush from the standard RBL brush, but I can tell you that even then, it applied extremely smoothly.  The pigmentation was awesome - what you see below is just one coat!  It reminded me of RBL Dead Calm, without the heinous bleeding during cleanup.  It's also suuuuper shiny, even without a top coat (but you know I still slathered it in it!).  I was sad my mini bottle was so small, because I had to pose with my Seche Vite instead.  :-P

(click to enlarge)
 (click to enlarge)

Love this!  It's a green creme dream! Orbis was created by Steph from The Polish Addict as part of the Fall 2009 Blogger Collection.  The collection also included Mismas, created by Michelle from All Lacquered Up, and Scrangie, created by none other than Scrangie.  If you're curious about the name, Orbis Non Sufficit translates to "The World is Not Enough" - the Bond family motto.  Brownie points!

I had an uneasy feeling that I may have already had a dupe for Orbis in my stash.  I pulled out Orly Enchanted Forest for yet another comparison.  Enchanted Forest has been my go-to medium-dark dusty green creme for quite a while now.  

(L) RBL Orbis Non Sufficit, (R) Orly Enchanted Forest

Sigh of relief.  Not dupes!  Even though I'd describe these to you in the exact same way, you can see that Enchanted Forest is deeper and bluer than Orbis.  Different enough to own both, though if you own one you may not necessarily need the other.  I'm happy to have both!  :-D

If you're as smitten as I am, there's good news and bad news for you.  The bad news is that Orbis has been sold out for a good couple of months now.  The good news is that it was just voted back in RBL's Vintage Bring it Back Vote.  I'd expect it to be back in stock sometime early next year, just judging from the timeframe from the last Bring it Back vote.  Can't wait!  *\o/*  Yay!


  1. Totally gorgeous Courtney!!!! Love love love.

  2. Thanks, guys!! I can't wait 'til this one comes back in stock so I can have my very own full bottle! :-)

  3. Sorry if this posts twice, something messed up the first time.
    I love this polish so much. It looks good on just about everyone.
    In case you weren't aware, AVON Olive is an exact dupe, and the formula is amazing too.

  4. Hi Pam!

    Thanks so much! I did know about Avon Olive Green, and I actually had a whole paragraph dedicated to where to get it and how much cheaper it was, but when I went to link to Avon's website, Olive Green wasn't on there! I don't know if it was discontinued or just out of stock, but I didn't want to give anyone false hope! LoL I sure hope it comes back though! :-)


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