Friday, February 25, 2011

Sally Hansen Grey Area

Hook, line, sinker...I'm caught!  It's an addiction.  I can't stop buying these "edgy neutrals"!  They're just so versatile!  Interesting, yet work appropriate, but not boring at all.  The triple threat!  Sigh.  

The flavor of the week is Sally Hansen Grey Area.  It's the definition of "purple grey."  I really can't think of how else to describe it.  It's in a different vein than that of its more brown-toned relatives OPI You Don't Know Jacques (a taupey brown) and Sephora by OPI Metro Chic (a purpley taupe).  Grey Area is one smokey hotness of a polish!  This is two coats shown here, and I had zero issues with application.  Just smooth perfection.

(click to enlarge)

Grey Area is reportedly a dead-on dupe for Essie's hit Smokin' Hot from this past fall's collection.  The difference is that the Essie will cost your $8 (and good luck finding it), while Grey Area is just $2.99.  WIN!  It started hitting the shelves in Sally Hansen seasonal displays a few months ago, but I know a few girls on MUA have seen brand new displays out as recently as a few days ago.  I myself stumbled upon this tucked away randomly in the permanent display at my local grocery store (which never has any seasonal displays).  So, I'm not sure what Sally's ultimate plan is for this polish, but grab it if you find it!  


  1. Hi Jodie!

    Thanks so much! I really loved it! Definitely one of my favorite edgy neutrals, and probably at least a Top 20 for me! :-)

  2. OMG what a gorgeous shade. :)

  3. My local CVS has this Sally type at 75% off, making it 87, your nails are beautiful


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