Friday, February 11, 2011

Zoya Crystal

Let's keep the blue party going, shall we?  :-)

Last month Zoya did the most crazy awesome thing when they gave away three free polishes for reaching 20,000 "Likes" on Facebook.  That's right.  Three free polishes.  No catch!  I'm telling you, I've really been blown away with Zoya lately.  I love that they have amazing products, fantastic customer service, incredible public relations, and they're a company that doesn't take themselves too seriously (Have you seen their Festivus photos on Facebook?!  Hilarious!)  I love supporting this company, and My fingers couldn't click fast enough on Zoya's Crystal, Mimi and Ivanka, plus an 8 oz. bottle of their super duper Remove+ polish remover.  I have Crystal here for you today.

In a quick description, Crystal is an ice blue foil-finish polish with gold flecks.  But it's the foiliest foil finish I have ever seen!  I'm not kidding!  This stuff is like you put gold-flecked blue aluminum foil on your nails, in the most awesome way possible.  To be honest, aside from full sunlight, I wouldn't call it a particularly sparkly foil, but the gold stands out so beautifully, flowing seamlessly into the blue particles.  It really is stunning.  My pictures don't even do it justice.  Please click to enlarge to see all those gorgeous details!

Application here was a dream.  It's a three-coater, but it applies really quickly and easily.  The flecks that make up this polish are pretty large and flat, so they cover nicely.  Occasionally as I was applying one of them would stick straight up, but it just needed one more brush stroke to make it lay flat.  No biggie.

Crystal was released as part of Zoya's winter collection, Flame.  Pale blue isn't what you'd typically associate with a winter collection, but the iciness of this one just works.  Another thing that makes Crystal so awesome is that she is a dead on dupe for OPI's European exclusive, Reflecting Pool.  Lots of us girls on this side of the pond had been lemming that one for a while.  Score!  :-)  Thankfully, Zoya's seasonal collections always become permanent, so you can still pick this one up for $7 at


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